Upper Dash Pad Retainer Clip PN 55449-60010

Upper Dash Pad Retainer Clip PN 55449-60010
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FJ 40 DASH CLIP 55433A

Upper Dash Pad Retainer Clip PN 55449-60010

This clip is new not used, it was designed based off the Toyota OEM part which is No Longer Available.

This is the clip numbered 13 in the below diagram.  The clip is attached to the upper dash pad with screws (supplied) and then fits down into the slots provided on the sheet metal piece numbered 99 in the diagram.




The correct way to attach the clip to your dashpad is pictured above near the top of the page and to the right.  Click the image so you can zoom in on how it is attached.  The 90 degree L needs to be on the inside of the dashpad not towards the outer edge.  Otherwise if you put it on backwards you will have approximatley a 5/8" gap between the dashpad and the window frame.

The picture is of an unpainted clip, the first prototype which is on my 40, notice how dirty my dash pad is.  Your's will be painted.

The retainer dash clip is mounted to the dash pad by 9 screws.  If you are attaching to a fj40dash.com upper dash, All 9 screw holes are present in the dash pad but 6 are encapsulated and cannot be seen.  We give you 3 screw holes that are used for locating the clip, that being the one in the middle and on each end.  Attach the screws in these three holes and all other six screw holes will line up.  Sometimes it takes a little working the screw around to find the hole as it is filled with urethane.  Get all 9 screws located in the holes before tightening them up.

If you are attaching to an OEM you will be able to see the old screw holes in the dash pad. 


International shipping......I think I have it set up that it will go as the box is less than 48 inches which won't allow the upper dashes into some countries.   I'm working on it.  Heck I'm lucky to get this on the website!